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In our company, we aim to provide top services in the field of translation and adaptation of audiovisual content. We occupy a strong position in the Slovak and Czech markets in the provision of translation of audio and video recordings, subtitling and dubbing. We offer these services in a professional studio, but also through artificial intelligence. You can choose the voices of experts from the field of radio and television, but at the same time we have a fully established production of audio tracks also through artificial intelligence in more than 40 languages.

We understand the importance of details in audio and video presentations. Our professional team, combining experience in translation, dubbing, subtitling and marketing, will ensure that your project is not only linguistically accurate, but also culturally resonant and marketing effective. Professional correction of texts during translation makes it possible to eliminate redundant information or simplify professional wording. It is necessary to approach the translation of audio and video recordings consistently in order not to lose key information.

The price for translation of audio and video presentations, dubbing and editing of subtitles is influenced by:

  • the amount of spoken text in an audio or video recording,
  • the number of voice actors needed.

IMPORTANT: the price for dubbing is considerably higher than the price for subtitles.

The combination of expertise, modern technology and creativity is the key to success. We are proud to offer comprehensive solutions for your audiovisual projects, whether you need translation, subtitling, dubbing or full production.