We would like to draw your attention to a timeless form of promotion – corporate video. Dynamic form of presentation allows the viewer to gain a lot of information in a very short time with easy to remember in an compelling way.Corporate video serves as an effective tool for raising awareness about your brand and gaining new clients.

How to get started with corporate video in your company ?

If you’re a small business or even a multinational company, the goal of corporate video is the same – to attract. Key moment for getting started is:

  • choose a purpose of your video
  • target demographicm
  • the type of media where it will be used.

The purpose of corporate video:

The purpose of a corporate video can be very diverse and depends on the specific company and its needs. Some of the most common corporate video goals include:

  • raise awareness of your business, tell a short history and achievements of the company,
  • presentation of your products or services,
  • increase customer engagement,
  • make employee training more efficient,
  • sconvey to the fair visitor via video everything that did not fit in the stand,
  • show the viewer how the product is used, serviced and stored.

Our company pays a lot of attention to the preparatory phase of video production. We will discuss various options with you, we will be helpful in the birth of the basic line of video presentation in your company. We will help you find the optimal concept for a corporate video.

Targeting the viewer is important. Your target group is:

  • the viewer in front of the TV at home in the living room,
  • a customer at the store deciding between brands or products,
  • a visitor to a hotel, restaurant, cafe or bar,
  • a random passer-by walking in front of your store.
  • a website or social media visitor.

Targeting a group is more difficult for companies starting with a video presentation. However, the greatest contribution to obtaining a decision on which target group to target a company video is always the experience of the business owners and company management.

Preferred presentation medium:

  • TV broadcast,
  • company website,
  • social media
  • indoor or outdoor advertising screens,
  • multimedia presentation

How can you get started?

With good tea with a paper in hand and with the participation of our company. We look forward to a successful start and long-term cooperation in the production of an understandable and imaginative corporate video.

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