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A video manual can have a very positive effect on sales. An interestingly designed video manual will bring customers a new, innovative dimension of looking at the product. Instructions for products on how to properly use, service or handle them will ensure a longer life of the product and thus also strengthen awareness of the brand’s quality. They make the customer feel that he is not buying a cat in a bag.

Multilingual processing of the video manual will save you costs and simplify expansion into several countries.

The manual is a condition for the distribution of each product. Their expensive production in text form is just boring reading for the buyer and often loses its effectiveness. Differentiate your new products and enrich them with a dynamic video manual. The video manual will ensure the correct use of your product in the hands of the customer and will reduce the number of complaints caused by improper handling or use of the product.

The video also becomes a useful information tool that quickly familiarizes even your own employees or sales partners with the functions and handling of the product.

We would be happy to meet you and talk about the possibilities of how to use this timeless method of communication with customers, employees and partners in the most skillful way.