Educate your employees and ensure the development of human resources:

  • increase the expertise of your employees!
  • increase their awareness of the company and motivate them!

Education and training is the key to the viability, growth and sustainability in each sector. It is a challenge to construct a high quality training material of interest to the employees. Do you prefer simple, motivational, technical or entertaining approach? 3Dproduction Company Ltd. will shoot a bespoke training video for you.

Video is the perfect way to train. It is an effective and affordable way to provide an interesting and effective means of training.

Training of new employees is time-consuming. Integration of video training materials to corporate education will improve the training. Video Training – provides the same standard and the same procedure of training your employees. Video training is designed to teach new staff or to reinforce the knowledge of existing employees and for maintaining and raising the standards and quality of personnel in your company.

The final product is ready to use, whether it is played on the computer or DVD player.

We offer custom-made solutions:

  • OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) video
  • Video manual
  • motivational video
  • retraining video
  • installation procedure video