Videoproduction & Audioproduction & VideoMarketing

Cost of a video is influenced by the quality of video production, length, time spent on production and difficulty of shooting the scenes.
Important part of creating the price are external suppliers.
It is possible to make the video better, even with the same cost. Important is the time spent on creating promotional visuals like web graphics, print graphics, design manual or logo of the company. If the materials are provided in the sufficient quality and source format, it’s possible to put the into the video. This way, we can achieve better video with minimal price increase.

Video quality

The standard resolution for video became Full HD and 4K.

Smaller companies and self-employed activities: if you work with smaller budget, loss of quality doesn’t bring significant saving. We don’t recommend changing this parameter, but there could be an exception, if the post-production is difficult.

Medium-sized and Bigger companies: Before production, you need to consult using video in your marketing strategy.

TIP: important factor affeting video quality is the segment, in which the location where you intend to broadcast your video. Every high quality and experienced video production company will remind you about the popular trends in your chosen segment.

Length of your video

It’s very important to accept that, the shorter your video is, the higher the price will be. Standard length is:

  • TV spot is: 10, 15, 20, 30 sec.,
  • company video is 00:45 – 1:45 min.,
  • instructional or product showing video is around1:30 až 3:00 min.,
  • video manual is for example 5 minutes, because it has it’s specific purpose and that is why the audience is willing to watch a longer video.

External suppliers

Smaller companies and self-employed activities: we recommend to use your own resources, especially employees, external partners or people you know. It’s important get help from video production company, because you can’t replace every profession with unprofessionals.

Bigger a international companies: it’s not recommended to save up on professionals. If the company has marketing professional, the work is much easier. In case you don’t have one, it’s important to acknowledge this and be able to help with the beginning phase of the shooting.

TIP: there’s an alternative, where external supplier participates on the budget and is saving the resources.

Aerial shots

Aerial shots are becoming more and more popular. However, it is important to realize that the increasingly complicated administration and fees associated with operating drones significantly increase the price of this service and, ultimately, the price of the video in which they are used.